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Help me with an important dilemma

Oh hey der loyal readers. I’m in need of some advice.

Before I hit you with my sitch, there are two things you need to know about me for context.

1. I have a terrible character flaw where I have a crippling need to prove anybody who challenges me wrong.

2. I have an emerging bald spot on the crown of my head as well as a receding hairline.

Now that that is understood, here we go:

I’m here in Vegas having a great time. It is beautiful, I am surrounded by great friends, I am gambling and watching college basketball.

While walking around, my buddy Max Bar noticed that my bald spot has gotten more prevalent and made a comment as such. We got started talking about it and at some point I said something about how at some point I would need to just shave it all off and go short.

Thence, of course, the challenge was issued.

Going short buzz is something I’ve always wanted to try, and is a sober decision I want to make. Doing it now not only presents a time to do so but also gives me a chance to prove those dopes wrong.

So, is there a way for me to buzz my hair off without becoming a “he went to Vegas, got drunk and became a character in a Hangover movie” cliche?

Open to all thoughts. If it helps, I am wearing sunglasses that make me look like a robot.

Tasting Notes

– Fake banana flavor is the worst.
– Lotta folks out there not thinkin a Laffy Taffy is a candy bar. I maintain my categorization.

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