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Krackel: Confirmed to be chocolate

IMG_3534So, I know that I promised something potentially revelatory and/or lascivious Monday in my post about Whatchamacallits, contingent upon my consumption of a Krackel bar Tuesday.

And I still have something for you that’s potentially revelatory and/or lascivious!

Just leave Krackel out of it.

The thing that upset me so upon doing research on Whatchamacallits: In 2008, the candy bar was one of few subject to a formula change by Hershey’s, in a cost-cutting move. The change? Reducing the amount of cocoa butter and introducing vegetable oil, relegating the once-allowed-to-be-called-milk-chocolate-by-the-FDA status of its chocolate to a not-allowed-to-be-called-milk-chocolate-by-the-FDA one.

Which is kind of, in a word, gross. There are other words, too, but I don’t think they are actually real words and I’m just going to leave them alone in lieu of not-actually-real words of my own. Continue reading

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