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It’s Bunny Season: The Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Drops A Little Bop Upside All The Other Candy Eggs

IMG_3849We’ve rounded into Late Lent, folks; Easter is everywhere. [Ed. note: Though it’d be great to see more Palm Sunday. Some serious entertainment value in those palms when you’re sitting in church with your siblings.]

This means all sorts of things. Lots of pastels. Horrifying rabbits. Saran wrapped baskets.

That grass. That gets everywhere and steals all of your jellybeans and is the worst thing why can’t we just put our candy in plastic baggies inside of the basket because everyone would be happier and their candy consumption would be less tedious and all-around a better experience.

But it especially means eggs. All of the eggs, from the terrible hard-boiled and dyed ones to the plastic ones that if you were lucky were filled with a dollar. [Ed. note: That has to be one of the weirdest false ranges ever.] Egg-shaped things are given increased attention, and the candy companies have taken notice.

We’ll be talking about many of these eggs in the next week and a half, but I had to kick off my Easter candy commentary by throwing some dap in the direction of the champion of candy eggs: the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Continue reading

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Guest Bar: Alexander Luft on PayDay

[Ed. note: Alexander Luft is an umpteen-time published writer who has espoused on the human form as it relates to Scrabble, Jeopardy and people. Together, we have been involved in kidnappings, weddings and press releases. His dog loves and fears me.]

I’d like to write about what candy means to us. I want to write about the distance between our lives as we live them and our lives as we’d imagine them.

Or maybe I really just want to write about PayDay.

The peanut-encrusted treat was developed in 1932 by the Hollywood Candy Company, which was based in the other Hollywood, the one in Carver County, Minneapolis. These were the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Herbert Hoover. These were the days at the outset of the Depression. The American Gross National Product had fallen 31 percent since Black Tuesday.

Ever optimistic, the men of the Hollywood Candy Company perfected the recipe for a bar of nougat and salted peanuts. This bar, they might have believed, would change things. It had sweetness, it had crunch. It had everything except for a name.

According to legend, the men of Hollywood Candy were at a loss for the name. Then one of them remarked that at least it was pay day at the company. These were the worst years, economically speaking, of our history. In 1932, the U.S. unemployment rate topped 23 percent.

Over 13 million Americans had lost their jobs since the beginning of the financial crisis. The Hollywood men named their bar PayDay.

Back then, that candy, that name, was perhaps the one thing that most of us wanted. And yet how many saw a PayDay in a candy shop and reached into their pockets, felt nothing there, and had to just imagine how it tasted? Could there have been anything quite as sweet as a PayDay? Continue reading

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Brit Week: Union Jack, I Got Your Back

IMG_3623About a month ago, I did a little bit of ranting about some silliness involving Hershey’s, Cadbury, and international trade and commerce. In response to said silliness, I vowed to import a smattering of candy bars and eat them in succession.

Basically, the Boston Tea Party, only in reverse.

Well, friends. It’s here. Welcome to Brit Week. [Ed. note: Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.] Continue reading

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A Passage From A Novel Without Any Context: Valentine’s Week Edition


“… I know, right? Let me guess, your favorite Alt-J song is ‘Left Hand Free’, too, isn’t it?”

Sarah laughed as she passed Dental Hygeine/Toothbrushes. Kelly was such a prick and she loved it.

“Let’s go see if there’s any cheap Valentine’s Day candy left.”

“Oooo good idea.”

The two girls strolled beyond Greeting Cards and took a right at Seasonal. They found shelves mostly bare, with a section of consolidated red-and-pink toward the front of the store. It was marked with blue sheets of paper displaying 50% OFF VALENTINE’S ITEMS in toner consistent with that of the 5-cents-a-copy machine close to Photo. Three plastic-wrapped bulk packages of Easter baskets waited patiently next to it.

Blue was a curious choice, Sarah thought as she approached the sale.

The girls scanned the picked-over racks. A man coming from Batteries noticed the sale and smiled. He walked toward the girls, stopping his cart alongside them. His two, non-descript black velcro shoes stood in direct contrast of the four Chuck Taylors they were adjacent to.

“Looks like we had the same idea! Save on the good stuff!” The man smiled at them.

“Yup. The good stuff,” Kelly deadpanned. “Gotta save on it.”

With a slight groan, the man bent over to reach the bottom shelf, loosened a $15 $7.50 Russell Stover Peanuts-themed box of chocolates from its packaging, straightened back up and continued on toward Pain Relief.

IMG_3618Also a big thank you to Angela Bar for the Raffaello treats that proved just the appropriate sooth to Giannis not doing particularly well in the dunk contest. For those wondering on how they taste, they’re reminiscent of a Ferrero Rocher, just if you swapped all the chocolate with things that are white.

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BREAKING NEWS: Hershey’s Is Making Life Miserable For Brits Who Just Want Their Sweets

24CHOCOLATENYsub2-jumbo[Alternate headlines: “BREAKING NEWS: Hershey’s Is Basically Doing the Boston Tea Party But With Chocolate”; “BREAKING NEWS: Something Something Something Something Bollocks!”; “BREAKING NEWS: In Off-Colour Move, Hershey’s Gives British Candy Flavourful Departure”]

Thanks to an alert from loyal readers Marin Bar and Regan Bar, it’s come to my attention that Hershey’s is making all American importers of fine British chocolates cease their importing of said fine British chocolates, on the grounds of trademarks and regional licensing. Continue reading

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A Symphony of a Call To Action


So, I chomped down on a Hershey’s Symphony bar yesterday, and in the ensuing comedown, when I typically begin to think about what I want to write about, I came to the realization that a) I was terrible at coming up with classical music puns and b) that I was the wrong person to be writing the Symphony post.

You see, I have a tall friend named Ricky, owner of a casual orchestral blog (now, sadly defunct) and Twitter feed and possesor of rare talents such as hippo hands and writing prowess. He could have knocked this post so far out of the park that we couldn’t even make a baseball metaphor out of it.

Ricky’s not the only friend I have with those talents (well, excluding the hippo hands. You own that one, friend.); a great deal of this very blog’s loyal readers have voiced candy opinions I would love to hear more about.

It’s been about a month; I think both you and I get the gist of what’s going on on here. So I’m sending out an open invitation:

Do you want to guest-write a post on Breaking Off A Piece? Quite literally, it can be about anything — doesn’t have to be a candy bar, though that’s obviously encouraged. If so, message, tweet, Facebook, email, call, text or comment in my direction. I’d love to have your contribution.

We can … make beautiful music together. BOOM SYMPHONY JOKE GOT ONE IN. (I’m so sorry.)

Tasting Notes

– For those unfamiliar (including me, which was the reason I bought the bar in the first place), a Symphony is basically what happens if you melt a bunch of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Toffee Nuggets and made a bar out of it, except if the toffee was a little less crunchy.
– This candy tasted good. Not an all-timer when it comes to toffee, but tasty nonetheless.

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WTF Is This?: Hershey’s Air Delight

IMG_3537[Ed. note: WTF Is This? will be a running feature in which I will eat a candy bar I’ve never had before and then talk about what I thought of it.]

Hershey’s Air Delight is a simple concept: Take a standard milk chocolate bar and add bubbles.

Basically: the seltzer water of chocolate. Continue reading

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Krackel: Confirmed to be chocolate

IMG_3534So, I know that I promised something potentially revelatory and/or lascivious Monday in my post about Whatchamacallits, contingent upon my consumption of a Krackel bar Tuesday.

And I still have something for you that’s potentially revelatory and/or lascivious!

Just leave Krackel out of it.

The thing that upset me so upon doing research on Whatchamacallits: In 2008, the candy bar was one of few subject to a formula change by Hershey’s, in a cost-cutting move. The change? Reducing the amount of cocoa butter and introducing vegetable oil, relegating the once-allowed-to-be-called-milk-chocolate-by-the-FDA status of its chocolate to a not-allowed-to-be-called-milk-chocolate-by-the-FDA one.

Which is kind of, in a word, gross. There are other words, too, but I don’t think they are actually real words and I’m just going to leave them alone in lieu of not-actually-real words of my own. Continue reading

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Now Tell Me, What Do You Callit?

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f4a/81881451/files/2015/01/img_3530.jpgSo I ate a Whatchamacallit on Saturday.

I had a whole little ditty thought up about how I used to eat them as a kid because of their name and really nothing else.

I was going to talk about how I just sort of forgot to keep eating Whatchamacallits and it was never out of spite but more I just grew into a different person and I’m so sorry.

I was going to talk about how it was nice to eat a Whatchamacallit and how I was so happy that circumstance was such that I got a chance to run into one again.

I was going to talk about how Whatchamacallit was a pretty tasty candy bar and I have nothing bad to say about them and I have a lot of respect for them actually we’re still good friends.

Then I found something out. I’ve decided to talk about something different …

… just after I eat a Krackel on Tuesday.

(Sorry about the tease. I don’t plan on making this a habit. I’m the worst.)

EDIT: Apparently there’s an h after the first W in Whatchamacallit (h/t: Sara Bar). I take back what I said about having a lot of respect …

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Simple beginnings


Happy new year, friends.

I hope everybody is nursing their hangovers with some semblance of dignity. (If not? My sympathies. I’ve been there, friend. You can do it.)

January 1, despite the arbitrary nature by which it dawns a new year, is rife with potential and hope; we look forward to what could happen in the next 364 days while recovering from the consequences of the most recent 1.

The day offers something to build from, somewhere to start.

Today, I started with a classic. For my first treat of the Breaking Off odyssey, I picked the quintessential candy: the Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I tore the wrapper, broke off the first rectangle and a third (because you know those little rectangles never fracture along their designated cleft lines) and ate it.

The chocolate was smooth and sweet. A simple joy.

Welcome, 2015. Let’s have some fun.

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