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The Big Rise of the Small Candy Bars


If you’ve been paying attention to the checkout aisle lately, you’re either very upset at Chris Soules for kicking Carly to the curbĀ or you have noticed small bags of even smaller iterations of your favorite candy bars.

I don’t have a name for this phenomenon [Ed. note: Submissions welcome], but the folks in the candy biz are jumping all-in. Whether they’re Bites, Minis or some other name that a marketing firm decided on because they realized they can’t use a derogatory term for little people any more, these candy bars allow you to take a handful of a candy bar for which you previously needed to break off a piece. People love things that are smaller than they are supposed to be, so I understand the appeal.

As I encounter these bars, I’ll take care to note the differences in composition to their original state; I already have a pretty good idea that there will be some slight varianceĀ in taste and texture. Trust, I’ll be meticulous and precise.

Tasting Notes:

– These are literally the exact same thing as regular 3 Musketeers. Just smaller in my hands.
– I feel like a giant.

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