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WTF Is This?: Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road

IMG_3574I never really understood rocky road.

[Ed. note: I know you’re here for my candy bar expertise, but I was once an ice cream professional, SO I THINK IT’S FAIR TO SAY I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT ICE CREAM; so Imma go ahead and talk about it for a minute here. I also know about mopping, tossing and catching gummi bears, and smooties, but that’s a different entry.]

It’s just chocolate ice cream with two flavors that get overpowered by the base ice cream flavor, and one of two textures that are barely distinguishable. It’s certainly not a bad flavor, I just don’t know how or why it became a staple in the ice cream flavor canon, alongside standouts like cookie dough, neapolitan and cookies and cream (LOL just kidding about neapolitan nobody eats that weird stuff on purpose). Continue reading

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WTF Is This?: Carlos V

IMG_3559Still sullen from the Packers’ remarkable defeat, I walked into the Walgreens around the corner from me and went a-lookin’ for new candy. I saw this dude smiling at me, and grabbed it because I’d never seen it before and Carlos looked like a gallant fella. It was $0.39. I’ll get to how it tasted (spoiler alert: mediocre) in a moment, but here are some things I’ve noted since that purchase:

– Carlos V is named after Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor who allegedly introduced chocolate to the European courts. I had always thought it was just Johnny Depp, though I never actually watched the movie, instead choosing to pester Sister Bar by pronouncing “Chocolat” like an imbecile.
– Carlos is Spanish for Charles. Once I put this together, I remembered that I live in a Hispanic neighborhood and things began to come together.
– Carlos V is a “milk chocolate style bar” which sounds like a lot of the silliness that happened with Whatchamacallit.
– The Carlos V contains a riddle in Spanish, with two options for breaking off. I don’t speak Spanish, but I bit into the “Si” side. I hope it was asking me if I was a cowboy.

Si, baby.

Si, baby.

Tasting Notes

– It tasted like chocolate that was just OK.
– Really, no frills. Just chocolate with a Spanish message. There are better chocolate bars out there. There are also probably better Spanish messages.

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WTF Is This?: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

IMG_3551I’m dubious of anything that labels itself “smooth” and “crunchy” (was really hoping Google image search was going to dig up some gold on that one, but, alas, I have nothing to link to). Unless you have the proven reputation of jumbo shrimp, you best be careful throwin’ oxymorons around with such frivolity. Continue reading

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WTF Is This?: Hershey’s Air Delight

IMG_3537[Ed. note: WTF Is This? will be a running feature in which I will eat a candy bar I’ve never had before and then talk about what I thought of it.]

Hershey’s Air Delight is a simple concept: Take a standard milk chocolate bar and add bubbles.

Basically: the seltzer water of chocolate. Continue reading

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