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Trick Season, Treat Season: Guest Bar submissions requested: Let’s talk about Halloween candy

Mornin, frands. We’re approaching the High Holiday of candy: Halloween.

I have some fun planned with my own posts, but I want to extend an invitation to you, my talented and creative readers:
If you want to write something about Halloween, I will publish it in this space. Sure, there has to be mention of a candy bar somewhere in there, but that’s the only requirement.

And, like, really you could just tack “York Peppermint Patty” to the end of an essay on your favorite autumn leaf and I’d run it, so that’s not even much of a requirement.

I’ve been fortunate to have one spectacular Guest Bar this year, but I’d love to have more. Everyone outside of Jehovah’s Witnesses has a Halloween story to share, and even they could probably write something pretty awesome about what it’s like being the kid in class without a costume.

I suppose this is a candy bar blogger’s version of trick or treat. Which means I’ll leave you with this: It’s more fun to put out a bowl or give out toothbrushes than to have your lights off and ignore the doorbell.