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Brit Week: A Minty Cheerio (Not the cereal. That would be gross.)


Brit Week came to a lovely little conclusion yesterday evening as I noshed on a Nestle Mint Aero as I watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 get jobbed at the Oscars. [Ed. note: You got the Oscar in my book, Hiccup.]

The Aero was a lot like Hershey’s Air Delights, only the addition of CDM-style chocolate enhanced not only the candy bar’s flavour, but also its consistency: The bubbles were bigger and more pleasant in my mouth. [Ed. note: That sentence felt dirty when I typed it.]


I can’t, however, say that I enjoyed it: The mint side of the Mint Aero was not a mint that I enjoyed, different than that of a candy cane or Andes candy (though, it may be the exact same as an Andes, just with a greater proportion of mint). I was fine with a few breaks, but a whole bar would have been overkill.

So, after a week of British sweets, my thoughts:

– That’s some good-ass chocolate.
– It’s better when it’s simple. You start throwing too much crap in it, and you lose the appreciation of the more nuanced flavor.
– Give me US chocolate when you’re getting wacky with the ingredients. Give me CDM chocolate when it’s just chocolate.
– In the future, I won’t do theme weeks back-to-back. It was certainly a fun two weeks, but I don’t know if either you nor I appreciated this as much as we could have. Let me know if I’m wrong.
– I do not, in any way, understand why they decided to stop this stuff from being imported. Petty stuff.

Google Search That Brought Traffic to BOaP of the Day

“what happens when you melt a hershey air bar”

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Brit Week: A Candy Bar Even Neil Armstrong Could Love


Do you remember going to the space museum when you were a kid?

It … kind of sucked. Sure, there was the likely day away from school and the bus ride commingled with terrified parents to look forward to, but of the museums, the ones centered around space lacked dinosaurs and fun costumes. It was just planets and stars.

[Ed. note: This is in diametric opposition to my feeling about space museums now. Because space is awesome. And learning about space is awesome. I want to learn about all of the celestial bodies and phenomena and ponder whatever the hell infinity is. If this blog ever takes off, I’d love to very generously compensate Neil deGrasse Tyson to explain to me everything that’s ever happened. We don’t even have to go in his sweet spaceship, though I’m still secretly hoping he invites me. Space is the best.

But when you’re 7, dinosaurs and lightning and tribal weapons are just so much cooler.]

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Brit Week: (Thom?) Yorkie

IMG_3638It’s a candy bar named after a dog.

Short story: It’s a poor man’s CDM.

Long story: It’s a poor man’s Cadbury Dairy Milk.

IMG_3639Really, it’s just a chocolate bar. Definitely Brit-style, just not as creamy as the Cadbury.

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Brit Week: Sometimes You Don’t

IMG_3633The Almond Joy and the Mounds are not two of the most popular candy bars in the American canon.

You have to love coconut, for starters. And then you have to also have a personality that would pick a coconut candy over the other tremendous flavors in the candy bar aisle and/or the bowl of Halloween candy.

You weirdo.

There’s also that indelible jingle, the one you can’t scrub out once it gets up inside your noggin.

On Thursday, I opened up a Bounty, which seems to be the Brit version of a Mounds.


(*googles Bounty commercial*)

Whoa. That was … primal? Continue reading

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Brit Week: Union Jack, I Got Your Back

IMG_3623About a month ago, I did a little bit of ranting about some silliness involving Hershey’s, Cadbury, and international trade and commerce. In response to said silliness, I vowed to import a smattering of candy bars and eat them in succession.

Basically, the Boston Tea Party, only in reverse.

Well, friends. It’s here. Welcome to Brit Week. [Ed. note: Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.] Continue reading

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