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May the Force be with you

 There is no candy bar more associated with movie theaters. 

Used to hate them because raisins. But this moment is perfect.

Enjoy the weekend, nerds. 

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Breaking Off a Flick: Focus

IMG_3706[Ed. note: Breaking Off a Flick will be a running feature about the candy I eat when I go to the movies. Cherish these, because I don’t go to many movies.]

Man, Will Smith is just the best.

Focus is a lot of fun. It’s also not a great movie. There are two or three scenes that don’t make any sense after all the dust from the cons settle. Margot Robbie is extremely attractive but I still am unsure whether she can act.

But this was the closest thing we’ve gotten to Big Will since Hitch. And for that, I am a happy fella.

Tasting Notes

– You know what a Reese’s tastes like.
– Unless you’re allergic to peanuts. My bad. Didn’t mean to rub that in.
– Big shoutout to the theater for playing the movie on the screen with the motorized-reclining seats. Top-notch stuff there, Regal. #1.

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