As a New Year’s Resolution for 2015, I have made it my mission to eat a different candy bar every day. Breaking Off A Piece is a chance for me to write while that mission is happening.

I’m sure you have questions. Hopefully this clears up the big one.

So, you’re going to be reviewing candy bars?

Sometimes, when there’s a review to be had. Other times I’m going to be talking about things in relation to candy bars. Or things that candy bars have inspired. Or fun things to do when eating candy bars.

And sometimes I’m just going have had a shitty day and want to rant about the Bucks and tack on that I ate a Mr. Goodbar at the end of the post.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m going to mention a candy bar in some shape or form with every post. Let’s see what happens.

You haven’t posted in, like, five days. Did you give up?

Na. I probably just haven’t had a chance to do any writing; sometimes these things take time. I’ll fill you in on what I’ve eaten in my next post.

But, why?

Because candy.


That, and I’ve been out of the writing game for too long.

Also, on a recent trip to the CVS, I was appalled by my lack of knowledge of current candy bar trends. DID YOU KNOW THEY MAKE MINI VERSIONS OF LIKE HALF THE CANDY BARS OUT THERE NOW? LIKE, OPEN THE POUCH AND POUR YASELF SOME, LIKE LITTLE SNICKERS M&Ms?

Hopefully this keeps me up-to-date so that embarrassment never happens again.

But candy bars are bad for you.

What they lack in nutritional value they make up for in emotional capital.

Really, though. Diabetes is real.

I’m going to treat diabetes like I treat hangovers: Something to avoid, but if I get one, I’ll accept it with dignity: I did it to myself (and had a smile on my face doing it, too).

Weren’t you a design professional? This site is, um, pretty plain.

Okay, you got me, nobody asked that. That being said, I’m relatively new at this WordPress thing. It’s going to evolve and I’m going to see what I can do with it. Keep an eye out for new changes.

I work for a candy bar company. We’ve got some new stuff we want you to peep. How do we make that happen?

Let’s talk. Shoot me a tweet at @A_Carp or email me at andrew.c.carpenter@gmail.com.

You have so many talented writer friends. Are they going to be able to guest-post?

I’d be honored and delighted. I’m all ears for collaborations, guys. Let’s have some fun.

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