Pick literally anything else to be angry about


No fewer than four independent people sent me a link to stories about people being mad about the shape of this year’s crop of Reese’s Trees, the cups’ Christmas seasonal shape varietal similar to the pumpkins and eggs of Halloween and Easter, respectively.

It seems the detail on the sides is not up to snuff.

That’s it. Apparently it resembles a turd. Because the edges aren’t jaggy enough.


In three weeks, everyone in the world is going to pay to gather in small crowds to sit in front of a giant piece of canvas to watch a pre-recorded story of space adventurers who can manipulate matter by means of a magical aura accessed through an ancient religion. Many people will also be paying even more money to purchase costumes to resemble their favorite space adventurer.

But it is too great a suspension of disbelief to understand this represents a Christmas tree.


It looks more like an arrowhead than a turd, anyway.

Use your imagination, you assholes.

[Ed. note: And the only thing I’ll say about the #WarOnChristmas overtures is this: Do you ever wonder if it’s really a #WarOnHannukah and the the Christmas army has just done a really great job for the past hundred years or so?]


Google Search That Brought Traffic to BOaP of the Day

“alpenliebe for good boy”

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3 thoughts on “Pick literally anything else to be angry about

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