How Swede It Is


The international tour continues! [Ed. note: Really sorry about these country puns, guys.]

Nate Bar, my esteemed and cardiovascularly optimized colleague, recently dropped a little bop all over Sweden, romping around at the World Triathlon Championships and spreading positivity and goodwill to all whom he encountered.

He brought that positivity and goodwill back to the office in the form of a monster variety pack of miniatures of Swedish candy bars, pictured above.

I got a crash course in the bars of Sweden. Here are my thoughts:


Kinder Mini

A delicious, small, Kit Katty-type bar with breakable pieces, a crème filling and puffed rice/oat to add crunch. The puffed whatever-it-was was different than that of a Crunch bar, with a wheatiness to it reminiscent of Smacks. Which was great, because man, I haven’t thought about Smacks in at least a decade.

[Ed. note: What do you think the Smacks Frog is up to these days? He’s definitely not getting into the same clubs as the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee and Tony the Tiger are getting into. I bet you he’s one of Snap, Crackle and Pop’s toadies lackeys.]

Twist Caramel


Essentially a single cell of a Caramello-type bar, with the runny caramel that tasted like it had juuuuust a tad bit of rum in there. A little bit darker of a chocolate than your typical Euro CDM-style.

Not a bad bar at all.

Twist Golden Toffee


While the name and wrapper might imply that you’re going to be receiving something similar to a Werther’s Original here, it’s in fact a chocolate-covered caramel nougat bar. Good, if not slightly deceptive.

Twist Chocolate Toffee


See above, only chocolate caramel nougat. Not mad about it, bro. This reminded me a lot of a Riesen.



More like, “Daim, that’s some good-ass toffee!” This one’s a Heath Bar as thin as a Skor. I’m a fool for toffee, so I liked this one a lot, but I’ve also had significantly better toffee.



Very much a 3 Musketeers bar with an extremely thin layer of caramel at the top. A name you can get excited about (exclamation point mine).

Twist Marsipan


Chocolate-covered marzipan. Do you like marzipan? That will dictate how you feel.

I don’t like marzipan.

Twist Cocos


If you were to take a Girl Scout Caramel DeLite/Samoa cookie and make a candy bar out of it. More caramelly than a Mounds or an Almond Joy, the Cocos was one of my favorites out of this bunch.



A cube of CDM-style Caramello with a hazelnut inside. I really liked this one, but I couldn’t eat it without thinking of the trailer for this atrocity.

Twist Laking


Hey guys, I have a great idea. Let’s take chalk and make it taste like black licorice and wait for the money to start flowing in!

Twist Fransk


This one, for some reason, is marketed to all you Francophiles out there. Which is strange, because it tastes more like a Charleston Chew than anything French. Still good, though.

Nougat Crisp


This one reminded me a lot of the Kinder Mini, just sans Smacks. I wrote something else, too, but I can’t read my handwriting. Sorry about that one, guys.

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