Breaking Off a Flick: Focus

IMG_3706[Ed. note: Breaking Off a Flick will be a running feature about the candy I eat when I go to the movies. Cherish these, because I don’t go to many movies.]

Man, Will Smith is just the best.

Focus is a lot of fun. It’s also not a great movie. There are two or three scenes that don’t make any sense after all the dust from the cons settle. Margot Robbie is extremely attractive but I still am unsure whether she can act.

But this was the closest thing we’ve gotten to Big Will since Hitch. And for that, I am a happy fella.

Tasting Notes

– You know what a Reese’s tastes like.
– Unless you’re allergic to peanuts. My bad. Didn’t mean to rub that in.
– Big shoutout to the theater for playing the movie on the screen with the motorized-reclining seats. Top-notch stuff there, Regal. #1.

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