Red Redundancy

IMG_3696My Sister Bar is allergic to red food dye. Gives her all sorts of yuck yucks on her arms and face.

It’s definitely a bummer, but in terms of food allergies, it’s relatively harmless (though I’m sure she’d have words to say about that); she doesn’t have to carry an Epi-pen around or tell servers at restaurants that she can’t have red dye.

She just can’t drink Mountain Dew: Code Red or eat red sno-cones. Kool-aid is off the table, as are other things of that nature.

Something else of that nature: red velvet cake.

Which is perhaps the most interesting of them all, because MD:CR, sno-cones and Kool-aid are all red because they’re supposed to taste like red-flavored things, while red velvet cake, for all intents and purposes, is just chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and a ton of red dye.

[Ed. note: Yes, I know there’s more nuance to it than that (but not much), and yes, it’s not “for all intensive purposes”. Crazy, right?]

So, while red velvet cake is delicious as hell, I’ve always had a bit of a grudge against it because of my sister.

I especially find it interesting that a candy manufacturer would make a red velvet chocolate bar, aka a redundant treat that (tasting notes spoiler alert) tasted exactly the same as a regular chocolate bar but went out of its way to make sure my sister couldn’t eat it.

Spite is an ugly thing, Hammond’s.

[Ed. note: A special thank you to my colleague Jules Bar, who provided both of these gift bars and a host of others. She is as kind a person as I’ve met.]

Tasting Notes

– Really though, if you close your eyes, it’s just regular chocolate.
– I’m surprised at Hammond’s’ decision to go with red velvet ganache instead of a cream cheese-flavored creme on the inside of the bar. The cream cheese would remind me more of a red velvet cake than the chocolate filling did.
– That being said, a nice chocolate bar is still damn delicious.

IMG_3694– Their sea salt caramel bar was a rich man’s Caramello.
– Could have used a little more salt for how prominently it was billed, but otherwise this was just swell.

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