Brit Week: Sometimes You Don’t

IMG_3633The Almond Joy and the Mounds are not two of the most popular candy bars in the American canon.

You have to love coconut, for starters. And then you have to also have a personality that would pick a coconut candy over the other tremendous flavors in the candy bar aisle and/or the bowl of Halloween candy.

You weirdo.

There’s also that indelible jingle, the one you can’t scrub out once it gets up inside your noggin.

On Thursday, I opened up a Bounty, which seems to be the Brit version of a Mounds.


(*googles Bounty commercial*)

Whoa. That was … primal?


I … guess that’s better? Really, I was just hoping for a cheeky English jingle, but I think I’m satisfied with a shitty cover of Otis Redding.

[Ed. note: For a considerably better cover of Otis Redding, check out St. Paul and the Broken Bones‘s version. Spoiler alert: He’s not actually dead at the end.]

Where was I? Oh yes, the eating of the candy …

Bounties are really good!

IMG_3634The CDM-style milk chocolate complements the coconut much better than does American-style chocolate; its smoothness really paired well with the moist and flaky coconut. My favorite Brit bar thus far.

Bonus: The inlay on the bottom, which often in chocolate bars is just little criss-crosses, is a fun little bit of Bounty branding. Top marks.


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