The Most Magical Candy Bar Rebate in All the Land

IMG_3588Yesterday, I had the pleasure of eating a Mallo Cup, which was a gift picked up at a Cracker Barrel from my lovely co-worker Julie Bar.

It’s a candy bar from yesteryear, to be sure, as chock full of marshmallow creme as it was the nostalgia that Cracker Barrel so precisely specializes in. I enjoyed the candy, but I may have enjoyed what I found inside the wrapper even more.

IMG_3589The Mallo Cups come two to a package, placed on a cardstock tray similar to that of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I paid no attention to the tray until I pulled out the second cup, realizing then that the tray was actually some type of Cracker Jack-style prize.

Further inspection revealed that it was not a prize in the traditional sense: Rather, this prize was a financial boon. It was a rebate.

Very kind of the Mallo Cup folks. Very generous.

Apparently, if a candy consumer accumulates 500 Mallo Cup Pebate Points, he or she can mail those points in to the good people at Mallo Cup, and they will in turn send you a $2 rebate for all of your purchases.

$2! What a dream. Couldn’t wait to claim it.

It was to my great chagrin that I looked closer and saw how many Mallo Cup Points my rebate card secured me: exactly 5. Which, if my math is right, meant that I would need to buy (or be gifted, wink wink) 99 more Mallo Cups to attain this fortune.

An insurmountable goal. Especially considering that after shipping costs to mail the package of Points to “Candy” (the addressee, which couldn’t make me any happier), I’d probably be out more than $2.

I’m still crushed.

Tasting Notes

– Damn delicious.
– The marshmallow creme was more akin to a light frosting than the marshmallow texture of, say, a Peep.
– The small flecks of coconut added a subtle layer of both taste and texture.
– At the end, I was overloaded on sugar, but it was fun getting there.

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