WTF Is This?: Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road

IMG_3574I never really understood rocky road.

[Ed. note: I know you’re here for my candy bar expertise, but I was once an ice cream professional, SO I THINK IT’S FAIR TO SAY I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT ICE CREAM; so Imma go ahead and talk about it for a minute here. I also know about mopping, tossing and catching gummi bears, and smooties, but that’s a different entry.]

It’s just chocolate ice cream with two flavors that get overpowered by the base ice cream flavor, and one of two textures that are barely distinguishable. It’s certainly not a bad flavor, I just don’t know how or why it became a staple in the ice cream flavor canon, alongside standouts like cookie dough, neapolitan and cookies and cream (LOL just kidding about neapolitan nobody eats that weird stuff on purpose).

I especially don’t know why they decided to make a candy bar out of it.

But I’m glad they did. Well done, Snickers.

Tasting Notes

– Basically a Snickers Almond, only with even more pillowy nougat that’s been “marshmallow”-flavored. Which is just vanilla, because marshmallows are more about texture/mouthfeel than flavor and we all know that.
– Not following? Imagine nougat the consistency of 3 Musketeers, only vanilla-flavored. It’s swell.
– The lighter nougat lends more credence to the almonds, which, though their flavor still doesn’t quite shine, are more important here than they are in the bar named after them.
– We’ll talk about Snickers in a later post, but I’m liable to say I might like the Rocky Road more than the original.

A brief passage from a novel without any context


A quick glance around confirmed nobody had seen Barry fall; there would be no embarrassment to compound the slight discomfort of the icy ground.

Leaning forward, Barry began to gather himself. He glimpsed at the half-eaten banana in his right hand, and chuckled at his breakfast.

Then Barry paused.

Barry brought the banana to his face and felled it with two large bites, some frantic chewing and one large gulp. He tossed the peel a not unreasonable distance away from his feet. He maintained his position.

Barry smiled as he waited for somebody else to walk around the corner.


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