Chick-O-Sticks Are Really Weird

IMG_3572​I mean really. Look at that thing.

Everything about it: the color, the flavor combination (peanut butter and coconut. because why not?), the packaging, the color again, the crumbles.

How did this become a candy bar?

Tasting Notes

– Eating a Chick-O-Stick is basically like eating the inside of a Butterfinger, only if you rolled it in coconut and shaped it like two long goose poops.

Google Search That Brought Traffic To BOaP of the Day

“do not eat krackel candy”

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One thought on “Chick-O-Sticks Are Really Weird

  1. […] Zagnut: A gift from both Jules and Ashley Bar (thanks again, gals), I … just am not a fan of coconut-peanut butter chewy crunchy things. Not bad, but just not for me. – Chocolate Charleston Chew: Not as good as the vanilla. […]


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