WTF Is This?: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

IMG_3551I’m dubious of anything that labels itself “smooth” and “crunchy” (was really hoping Google image search was going to dig up some gold on that one, but, alas, I have nothing to link to). Unless you have the proven reputation of jumbo shrimp, you best be careful throwin’ oxymorons around with such frivolity.As a big fan of Butterfingers and a big fan of Reese’s cups, the concept of Butterfinger PB Cups seemed quite agreeable. Butterfingers are peanut buttery but not in the way of actual peanuts or butter ā€” a flavor profile that recalls peanut butter without actually being so; I was curious how this was going to work.

And then there was this whole smooth/crunchy business that I had to get to the bottom of.

So I got to the bottom of it.

Opening the package, the cups themselves are more rectangular than that of their Reese’s counterpart. They’re also missing the not-trademark-but-it-might-as-well-be thin black tissue paper wrapper that always takes more of the cup with it as it’s peeled off than you would like ā€” a welcome change. Otherwise, though, they’re pretty reminiscent of a Reese’s Cup, waxy white cardstock tray underneath and all.

Upon first bite, I understand what the hell the “smooth and crunchy” business is all about. The “peanut butter” filling is at least three and a half times more creamy than that of it’s suddenly-rendered-granular Reese’s counterpart. It also has little (read: like little, sweet, grains of sugar sand) clusters of Butterfinger mixed in to the filling, providing a little texture surprise with every otherwise very smooth bite. It’s an interesting mouth situation going on, and it’s one I’m OK with.

You will notice that I put the words peanut butter in quotes in the last paragraph. That is because I’m not exactly sure what in tarnation the filling of Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups actually is: There’s a decent chance it’s not actually peanut butter. I threw away my wrapper and thus cannot verify ingredients, but the filling is more sweet, orange and smooth than any peanut butter I’ve ever eaten. It had the flavor of a Butterfinger and the texture of the pumpkin part of a pumpkin pie. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it definitely was not what my mouth was expecting (And yes, yes, I’m aware that I just typed that, as well as “it’s an interesting mouth situation going on”. Direct all jokes toward the comments, pls.).


Butterfinger pumpkin pie mixed with Butterfinger sand

All of that considered, I did proceed to promptly devout the rest of the cup and it’s companion, then wish a little that there had been a third one.

Thumbs up for this one, though I think I’d still prefer a Reese’s.

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