Simple beginnings


Happy new year, friends.

I hope everybody is nursing their hangovers with some semblance of dignity. (If not? My sympathies. I’ve been there, friend. You can do it.)

January 1, despite the arbitrary nature by which it dawns a new year, is rife with potential and hope; we look forward to what could happen in the next 364 days while recovering from the consequences of the most recent 1.

The day offers something to build from, somewhere to start.

Today, I started with a classic. For my first treat of the Breaking Off odyssey, I picked the quintessential candy: the Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I tore the wrapper, broke off the first rectangle and a third (because you know those little rectangles never fracture along their designated cleft lines) and ate it.

The chocolate was smooth and sweet. A simple joy.

Welcome, 2015. Let’s have some fun.

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2 thoughts on “Simple beginnings

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Carp,

    Interesting journey you’ve started. Quick question: The title of your blog is “Breaking off a Piece” and I understand in your entry that you broke off the first rectangle and a third (that’s right, those bloody bars never break along the designated lines!)– so what are you going to do with the rest of the uneaten candy? Or, do you eat it all each time?



  2. Carp says:

    Hey, Ryan! Good question.

    I think I’ll eat what I feel like eating. For this particular piece of candy, I ate the whole bar. But if it’s gross, or too rich, I think I’ll just eat part of one.


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